Skeptics may doubt the healing powers of massage therapy, but those of us who have been under the hands, elbows, feet and maybe even the knees of a skilled therapist; we beg to differ.

A massage can be the most relaxing, calming, restorative hours we can give ourselves. Energy healing massage pasadena ca covers a range of different therapy modes which reflect the needs of the subject.

Swedish Massage: Is based on western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Therapists usually start broadly and then hone in on problem areas.

Aromatherapy Massage: Combines massage and essential oils to soothe and address certain conditions. You might have an aromatherapy massage if you were suffering from headaches or insomnia.

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Deep Tissue Massage: Is also known as therapeutic massage and targets muscle knots and issues in the connective tissue. You might seek out a deep tissue massage when you have been typing for hours and your shoulders ache.

Shiatsu Massage: This massage type came from Japan originally. The therapist applies local pressure with finger hands, elbows in a sequence. You wear a light robe as there are no oils involved. Shiatsu massage helps with stress-related health issues.

Thai Massage: The therapist moves you and stretches you and assists you into what are almost yoga asanas. Like Shiatsu the goal of a Thai massage is to align the body’s natural energies.

Pregnancy Massage: Aims to relax the expectant mother, but all her needs are taken into account – if she has back pain or swollen ankles for example.

Reflexology: A reflexologist works on your feet using the parts of the foot which are said to reflect other parts of the body. Only shoes and socks come off as the therapist works solely with the feet.