From the ubiquitous standard cooled display to the small mountain of crushed ice topped with a sculptured dolphin which is slowly turning into a small ice cube, how you display cold food, especially salad, makes all the difference.

is growing

The refrigerated salad bar is one of the fastest growing areas for expansion in food service. Salad only bars have opened and most cafeterias and food service halls have one.

A salad bar adds variety and caters to the individual’s taste and preferences. A salad bar is attractive to lighter eaters even in the swankiest restaurant, and as more bars occur the more we want them.

Children respond to the options in salad bar

Children are often picky eaters so anything that encourages them to add fruit and vegetables is a plus.

The variety of things on offer means they might add something new to their diet like a different grain or fruit type, and they see things they simply might not at home.

refrigerated salad bar

offers a great upsell

A salad bar is a brilliant innovation for the immediate upsell. Place some chicken strips next to the Caesar Salad and without the restaurant making any effort, the plate has now become a Chicken Caesar Salad – abracadabra!

salad bar means your guests see the restaurant

There is no better way to show the range of delicious food your restaurant makes than to have the guests see it. A trip to the salad bar means they will see the delicious things everyone else is eating. Dessert works like that, it is easy to resist until you see it.

A salad bar sends the message that you are interested in serving customers with fresh, healthy food, and it reflects those ideas back on your entire establishment.